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Monday, November 21, 2011

May the beautiful light of inspiration flood all of your tomorrows

This is a portion of a letter sent to me by my Aunt Louanne, she has always been a creative inspiration in my life and a true artist in her own right!


"Only a block of unencumbered freedom will get the job done. Be it gardening, dress designing, clock building, writing poetry, learning to play the piano or training for a marathon, one needs uninterrupted time to allow the spirit of creativity to settle into the heart and soul.

Your head must be on straight so that you and only you is expressed throughout your endeavor. An old book that artists have come to love, titled “No More Second Hand Art” is all about allowing your originality to show so that the project does not appear to be copied. It is only when your original spirit shows through that there is a spark within the work, an aliveness that is noticeable.

To feel creative, one must flex ones creative muscle every day and not surprisingly every one of us do just that. But, what separates the creative ones from those who say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”, is awareness. Being conscious of your Source and the gifts you receive and then turn around and use them to create, is a fabulous way of life, is very rewarding and is truly fulfilling."

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